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February 17

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Study Name Investigators Start date  Status
Corneal Ulcer Prevention through Health Education (CUP) study at Peraiyur Taulk Dr. M. Srinivasan
Dr. N. Venkatesh Prajna Mr. R.D. Thulasiraj
Kieran S. O’Brien
Kathryn J. Ray
Jeremy D. Keenan
Travis C. Porco
Nisha R. Acharya
John P. Whitcher
Thomas M. Lietman
Sep-14 Baseline survey completed, one year study period completed and 12 months census work started
Comprehensive Eye Care Work Assessment (CEWA) study in Theni district of Tamilnadu Mr. R. Suresh Kumar
Dr. Ashok Vardhan
Mr. R.D. Thulasiraj
Jun-15 Enumeration completed, Patient tracking is underway. Follow-up started
Effect of Text/Voice SMS reminders in improving compliance to follow up among Glaucoma patients Mr. Udayakumar
Mr. Sanil Joseph
Dr. George Puthuran
Dec-16 Recruitment completed, follow-up in progress
Understanding the factors that affect patients with diabetic retinopathy presenting early and late to A tertiary eye hospital Mr. Sanil Joseph
Mr. Joseph Hogan
Dr. Karthk Kumar
May-17 Recruitment completed,
follow-up in progress
A randomised controlled trial investigating the value of an intervention to enhance adherence in patients newly diagnosed with chronic open angle glaucoma Ms. Dhivya Ramasamy
Mr. Hussein Ibrahim
Dr. George Puthuran
May-17 Recruitment completed,
follow-up yet to start
Understanding factors affecting early or late presentation of patients with glaucoma to at a tertiary eye hospital in Tamil Nadu, Southern India Mr. Sanil Joseph
Mr. Alexander Burrel
Dr. Rakhee Khatiwala
Dr. George Puthuran
May-17 Recruitment completed,
follow-up in progress